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Installing Fuba Antenna

Fuba20.jpg (68771 bytes)

I unbolted the hatch hinge to get better access to the opening in the hatch door.

Fuba21.jpg (70895 bytes)

I fed steel wire into the hatch door opening all the way up to the access hole for the window sprayer.

I also fed the wire into the rubber tube that is connected to the cabin and the hatch.

Fuba22.jpg (54877 bytes) Fuba23.jpg (49498 bytes) Fuba25.jpg (75804 bytes) Fuba26.jpg (62308 bytes)

I hooked the antenna cable ( like a fish ) and wrapped it in a electric tape.

I did this step first cause I figured it will be very hard to get this cable thru the robber tube.

I was write , it was very difficult since the tube is almost tight around the wire harness that goes thru 

the tube. I used some WD-40 and that helped a lot.

Fuba24.jpg (61388 bytes)

This plastic peace needs to be attached to the rubber peace be four you clip it back into the body.

The rubber is stretched onto that plastic clip ring. 

Fuba32.jpg (56423 bytes) Fuba33.jpg (46581 bytes) This Shows how the rubber goes back on the plastic clip ring.

NOTE: It's very difficult to get the antenna cable thru with this plastic attached to the rubber.

Fuba27.jpg (58028 bytes)

This is where it comes out into the cabin.

Fuba29.jpg (64011 bytes) Fuba31.jpg (61420 bytes) Fuba35.jpg (53907 bytes)

Now I started on the hatch door , this part of the job it a peace of cake.

 Fuba34.jpg (67640 bytes)

Looks normal.

Fuba40.jpg (70251 bytes) Fuba41.jpg (73572 bytes)



I did not lost my window sprayer. Look here :Installing Fuba Antenna

I did this to be different, but I also want to share the knowledge or tricks and tips how to do stuff. Now you can try doing this , but I really do not feel responsible if you hurt your self or anyone in the process of installation of this product.


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