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My Home Made Dual Boost Controller 


The reason why I made this MBC is because I'm tired to look at my boost gage to see if I'm creeping over 20PSI of boost .

The Dual boost controller that I have in the car is a Turbo XS kind and that one is nothing but a stemming pile of $#!^.


HomeMadeDualMBC.JPG (130575 bytes)  HomeMadeDualMBC_inside.JPG (14017 bytes)

Explanation of the Drawing :

Green - Allen screws 

Red - Springs

Gray - steel balls that usually come inside ball bearings 







One of the two inputs ( the bottom barb fittings ) will be controlled by a switch able solenoid that will allow air to pass throe or not with a flick of a switch . It should be the low boost setting , because that's the first one that will get activated when a set boost is reached . In other words , It will be blocked if you desire the high boost setting . If you want the low boost , that solenoid needs to be open . 







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