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Note: No pictures yet , Sorry.

This is the proper way to do this mod. It allows you to flip the lights up or down wile the lights are ON. 
First off locate the C-06 connector. 
Its like 2 inches to the pass side of the steering column, keep in mind though its still on the drivers side. The connector is easy to spot it's HUGE and has 20 pins. 

You will need two diodes from radio shack part #2761104 and a few crimp connectors or solder gun. 

Now that you have found it, look closely at the side of the connector facing you. The drivers side top row should have 4 wires coming out and the pass side should have 5, they are separated by the double section used for the clip. You want the pin #6 right next to the double sec, the wire is colored solid black. 

If you look at the other side of the connector with 5 wires coming out, notice the first pin in line from the double sec. Directly below it on the bottom row should be a yellow wire pin #14, this is the other wire you want. 

Here's a quick diagram, this is looking right at the connector after you have disconnected it so it will look backward from how I just told you.. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, xxxx, 6, 7, 8, 9 

Looking at this you want pin #6 and 14. 6 is black 14 is yellow. Also notice that the X's represent the 'double section'. 

I did all this on the connector side going into the steering column. 

Cut wire 14. With the cut end of wire #14 coming from the steering column, connect it to wire #6 (yes cut wire 6 as well) using the two identical diodes from radio shack. Each of the diodes has a colored band on one end; make sure the bands are closest to wire #6 while the opposite ends connects to wire #14. That's it Snap the connecter back together and tape up any bare connections, the rest is reverse of removal. 

BTW, for some reason when I posted this the pins didn't line up right, but keep in mind, pin # 5 is actually right over pin # 14 for reference. 

Just to clarify. When you cut wire 6 (black) connect BOTH ends back together when you connect the diodes to it. On wire #14 (yellow) leave the connector end of the wire unhooked and ONLY connect the steering column side to the diodes.



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