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This page is really ruff because I have no time to get fancy with it .

Home of Useless TsiArt's Info 


My profile On CCDSM

Some thing like a VFAQ

Installing and Modifying Fuba antenna on the rear hatch door

Wheel Hop Reduction for couple dollars ( the cheap man poly mounts )( Not mine )

Making Pop-Up light Pop-Up On demand  ( Thanks Rodney for posting this on CCDSM )

More stuff coming as soon I have time to make the page and info on it.

Real DSM VFAQ is at this location 

Some useless info

Different gear ratios and speeds ( more of useless info ) This info is to show different gear ratios in DSM trannys .

Some new pics that I felt like putting it on here 

Well I made Something that I would like to share with anyone that Visits This Page , It's a DMBC

I just Installed a FMIC on my car ( just B4 Dyno Day at Pruven )

You can contact me at or you can AOL IM me at TsiArt02




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OUCH!!! My car accident

Repair Not complete page of the car repair.

Core size is 19 NPR IC NPR IC

My other page is That was my page with all the info but now all I have left is just pics from New York auto show .