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Dscf0013.jpg (48027 bytes) Dscf0012.jpg (37661 bytes) Tenzo R Shift knob ( Integra type R style ). Drilled out and taped for the correct thread ( it's drilled in deeper then it was new )

Dscf0009.jpg (173999 bytes) Dscf0010.jpg (132974 bytes) Dscf0011.jpg (181685 bytes) Konig Elian ?? . Well they are powder coated with Black Onyx Powder .

Dscf0016.jpg (182371 bytes) Dscf0018.jpg (193107 bytes) My original 1990 Talon Tsi AWD ECU . I changed the caps at work . Don't worry about the C106 that is oversized . It can handle more voltage :) , It's the same Farads Value , that's all that is important and as long the voltage is not lower then the original caps.